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"Integrated innovation" business model to build completely washed mattress

2015-09-30 Hits:1090
In recent years, the industry leader in brand bedding mousse launched pure 3D can be completely washed mattress gradually attracted people's attention,
In recent years, the industry leader in brand bedding mousse launched pure 3D can be completely washed mattress gradually attracted people's attention, this application of the new material development can not be cleaned mattress mattress breaking history, called the new material transboundary application model.

Mousse, president of P. said mousse positioned as global health sleep resource integration, through the integration of global resources, a lot of innovation and technology leading products. 3D material quality sleep is the integration of resources important results, mousse for the first time this material applied to bedding introduction of the domestic industry, and the first fully washable mattress, promote the development of Chinese bedding industry.

3D Material: first worldwide fully washed mattress

Rico Mucha general manager mousse 3D material overseas suppliers on behalf of Miller told reporters, 3D material is a polyester fiber, the school called modified polyester functional fibers. This material has a good ventilation, able to quickly rule out the hot and humid air, good air formed inside the micro-circulatory system.

According to reports, 3D mattress with a mattress does not have the traditional four advantages: First, the physical anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-static, radiation; two, 40 support points per square centimeter, a mattress there are 1.4 million anchor, capable body curve perfect fit; three, good resistance to sleep plus points; four, excellent permeable breathable mattress to create a completely washed.

Reporters saw this 3D material all adjacent fibers are used in X architecture arrangement, per square centimeter has approximately 40 fines anchor, a mattress, there are millions of anchor. , Mousse CEO "This is different from ordinary Mousse 3D mattress mattress" of P. said: "The intensive support points provided adequate support, while Miller oriented material safeguards research and development of a mousse to better adapt its body curve, to keep the body during sleep spine in a natural relaxed state, thereby promoting sleep. "

"Integrating global resources to build customized sleep system is mousse business model." Mousse, president of P. stressed that: "3D mattress is business model innovation masterpiece mousse, mousse it hopes to integrate more quality Sleep resources, the development of more cross-border use of raw materials, for the benefit of consumers, so that people sleep better! "

Oriented research to provide basic support

Rico Mucha said that despite the 3D material used in some areas has been very common, but applied to the bedding industry, or have to do new research and development, because the needs of each industry, each customer's needs are not the same.

. "Mousse on the material is very demanding, requiring the development of material required to meet the seven districts ergonomic requirements, so Miller comprehensive ergonomics and micro-climate science to develop products" Rico Mucha told reporters: "We are rich R & D experience and R & D capabilities allow mousse needs to be realized, according to the requirements of mousse for human head, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks, thighs, legs seven districts of different features to develop different characteristics of the product, while using heat setting technology that allows 3D material superior in ventilation, breathability, support upper. "

Experts said there are material application, cross-border application of new materials has always been a great challenge, early R & D is difficult, but once the successful development of cross-border application of new materials often can quickly promote the development of an industry, or even give the whole industry bring revolutionary progress.